An Energetic Performance

An Energetic Performance

The Penn State DuBois men's basketball team is looking for that big win, and tonight they had a chance to make it a huge one.  With the #1 team in the conference, and the #3 team in the country coming to town, Coach Howard's team wanted this one badly.

DuBois plan of attack was evident from the get go, and that was to protect the middle, and make Wilkes Barre beat them from the 3-point line.  Coach Howard's plan seemed to be working as Wilkes Barre took 15 shots from beyond the arc in the first half, only making 4 of them.  DuBois was keeping the big's contained, and were also being very efficient and patient on the offensive end.    

The only issue that seemed to be against DuBois was the same thing that has plagued them all season, turnovers.  Although not near as many as they have had in previous games, the 10 they had in the first half were the difference so far in this first half.  Wilkes Barre hit a run in at the end to take the lead going into the half, 41-30.  Coach Howard, happy with his team's performance thus far new that if he could slow down the turnovers his team would have a chance for an upset in front of their home crowd.

The DuBois defense kept up their aggression in the 2nd half, and their offensive discipline of waiting for a good shot.  Cole Morris (Rimersburg, PA) started feeling it from the field, knowing they needed a spark.  Mekhi Willis (Landsthul, Germany) started confidently driving the lane looking for a short corner opening.  Dylan Huey (Punxsutawney, PA) continued his efficiency from the field that he's done all year, and DuBois looked to work their way back into this game.

Staying with Wilkes Barre bucket for bucket was not quite enough to overcome the 11-point half time deficit.  Although DuBois would win the 2nd half, the game would end with a 77 to 67 victory for Wilkes Barre.

DuBois gave it all they had tonight, and gave a very energetic performance in front of their home crowd.  Morris would end the night with 20 points off of 3 for from beyond the arc, and 5 rebounds.  Willis and Huey finished the night with 13 and 12 points respectively.